Helpful Information

A trip takes careful planning.  Here are some helpful tips before booking a trip with me outside the United States.

My tips for smarter travel:

  • Keep your shoes on - Sick of waiting in line and going barefoot? The solution is simple: get TSA-Pre ✓ and Global Entry. It comes with TSA-Pre (links below)
  • Phone home - Don't bring home a phone bill equal the size of the national debt. The best apps for that are What's app and Viber (links below).

How to pack like a boss:

  • Less is more - Pack and unpack your suitcase before you travel to make sure it all fits. Then take out half of it! Leave room for shopping. I always fall in love with the local style!
  • Carry on - One thing you might not know about me is that I'm a packing ninja! In addition to my carry-on I take a personal item. If you're thinking a purse, you're thinking too small. If it fits under your seat or in the overhead bin, you're good to go. I use the Longchamps Le Pliage Expandable duffle (see style guide page) and pack my purse in my carry-on. If not go luggage free! I will ship your luggage, when you arrive to your destination voila, already in your room.  Ask me how! How fantastic right!

Before you go:  

  • Passports-Check your Passport. If your passport expires 6 months after you return home your passport is already expired! Use the helpful links to find out more information on renewing your passport.  
  • Buy Travel Insurance- Uh Oh…  Why trip insurance is so important when traveling abroad.  I have the low-down.  If something happens you can thank me again and again….
  • Make copies of passports.  Taking pictures of your passports and make photo copies is a great idea and important incase of loss when you are abroad.  Plus I will have a copy to get you out in a snap!
  • Call your credit card company alert them of your travel plans incase of fraud
  • Make copies of travel documents
  • Buy Euros at your local bank before you go
  • Use a credit card with no transaction fees
  • Contact your phone provider for international plans
  • Check-in for your flight
maria poole

Useful Links:

• Passports and Visas
• Fast Pass Immigration including TSA - Global Entry
• Mobile Passport App
•Useful WI-FI apps: Viber or What’s app for pictures and calling while abroad

maria poole

Remember I am here for you before, during and after your trip!